For the first Limited Edition range, the Road Rags team focused on 'Inspiration, not perspiration'. The result, a unique range of clothing for the urban cyclist manufactured from super fine merino wool. A line of cycling wear not only remarkably stylish and comfortable, but also breathable, odour-resistant, and environmentally sustainable.

Unlike it's Lycra counterpart, the superior cut and quality of our merino cycling clothes means that they can be worn in the office, or out on the town, with complete confidence. Our clientele can also rest assured that when you buy a Road Rags product it is environmentally friendly, with all the items featured on this website crafted within the British Isles, not shipped in from overseas factories thousands of miles away.

The Road Rags team has come together from a number of different backgrounds, but what we all have in common is a love of cycling and a shared belief that it is possible to offer today's cyclist, male or female, a range of clothing which is as smart as it is practical.

As seasoned commuters and distance riders we have worked hard to come up with a solution to the drawbacks we encountered ourselves. We came to the conclusion that the worst part of any commute is turning up to work wearing clammy lycra, hurrying to the wash rooms to change, and starting yet another working day sweaty and disheveled.  Enough was enough. It was time to develop and introduce some style, form, and function. At Road Rags we knew what we didn't like, and decided what we wanted and needed. In most outlets the cycling clothing is surprisingly similar from one brand to another, with little real choice for men, and a shocking lack of variety for the girls.

So... we decided to do something about it.

The team at Road Rags designed what we knew would work, and what we would be proud to wear and sell to others. Our choice of super fine merino wool was functional because its wicking and odour resistant qualities were perfect for sport, but also 'emotional' in that it is so soft and luxurious it is a pleasure to wear. We wanted top British craftsmanship, short delivery miles and high quality raw materials. Our wool comes new milled from Italy and our manufacturer is in the Midlands, but it took some finding as this country's production capabilities have been hit hard over the years. The garments are offered in a seamless form that adds more comfort for the rider. Our colour choice is subtle and will evolve with the seasons. The end result a range of soft, seamless garments with each item tailored for a specific requirement We understand layering, and anticipate that while our clothing will be worn mainly by our fellow cyclists on urban streets and country lanes, it has also been popular on the ski slopes and for horse riding, yoga and sailing.