Road Rags have been involved with Ride of the Lions since its inception. Their motto, 'The spirit of rugby on a bike', is a neat description.

They have raised a great deal of money for 'Walking with the Wounded' and covered some miles in the process. John O'Groats to Lands End was the starter three years ago and this year the even greater task of Big Ben to Gibraltar gets under way on May 21st. Named 'The Clock to the Rock' riders from as far away as New Zealand are coming to ride with past British Lions through England, France and Spain.

Two of our team have been helping in the planning and organisation and are now well into training for the event. The weather has been pretty poor these last few months but a Smithfield and soft shell jacket has seen us through most of our training with an added base layer for those really cold days earlier in the year.

The outlook seems fine and dry for the week ahead so I will be slipping my Hoxton over my baselayer and heading into the hills. The days in the Pyrenees will call for a lot of climbing so best get ssome miles in those legs.

We will keep you posted on our travels and share photos of our experiences on the way....