Harris Tweed Jacket at Road Rags

Our Stokey Harris Tweed Jacket has been very well received this year, featured in two different Herringbone and overcheck colours, 'Heather' and 'Heath'. This has inspired us to introduce a new colour into the range - 'Skye'.

Skye has a delicate plain mottle, reflecting the ever changing hues and blues in the sea and skies of the Hebrides. This will be available in the coming days! (Please note - the new Stokey 'Skye' Jacket is now available!)

harris tweed weave

As always we have paid particular attention to the details and used only the highest level of craftsmanship available to us here in Great Britain.

Hand chosen buttons add character and, along with the velvet collar and rear vent trim, introduces a contemporary finish to a classic cut. Contrasting Jacquard lining compliments the Harris Tweed and gives smooth mobility with a luxurious feel.

This can be seen on the 'Heather' below.

buttons tweed jacket

Cycling in style and comfort.

jacket velvet trim

The Stokey has fold down cuffs for full arm coverage and a rear vent from the waist for cycling comfort.

What Is Harris Tweed?

Harris Tweed is 100% pure new wool from its home in the wilds of the Hebrides.

The wool is dyed, blended, carded, spun, warped and woven creating a robust material that is going to stand the test of time.

Harris Tweed has recently made a huge impact on the fashion catwalks of the world, it is ecologically sound and has a low impact on the environment. It is biodegradable, non-allergenic and is energy efficient in its manufacture.

pure new wool

The artisans that weave it by hand use only treadle powered looms to create their art.

weaver harris tweed

Harris Tweed is a material that stands the test of time.

weave cloth by hand harris tweed

These are skills that take years to master, so by purchasing authentic Harris Tweed you are helping to support these amazing talents.

Harris Tweed - From A Landscape That Inspires

The amazing landscapes of the Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Harris are nestled off the West coast of Scotland. 

Isle of Harris for Tweed

It is these Isles that host the flocks of sheep that wander the beaches and wild terrain of the Islands.

Harris Tweed colours

The colours of the land - think mosses, heathers, mountains, skies and sea - are beautifully blended into the yarns themselves before being woven individually in the Island homes of each weaver. This makes each Tweed individual, unique and exceptionally beautiful.

isle of harris

The Orb Mark - Certified Harris Tweed

Only Harris Tweed is certified with the Orb marker, Britain's oldest certification mark.

Know that when you buy Harris Tweed from Road Rags, it will be certified by the Orb Mark, guaranteeing it conforms to the exacting standards of the 1993 Harris Tweed Act.

Investing in Harris Tweed is investing in artisan work, from the Isle of Harris.

Sea Beach isle of harris

When Will Our New Harris Tweed Jacket Be Available?

Within a few days!

Send us an email letting us know you are interested, then we can let you know when they are available to buy. (The new Stokey 'Skye' Jacket is now available!)

If you can't wait, you can always take a look online at our Stokey to see our available colours - the 'Heather'...

Heather Harris Tweed
Tweed Jacket Harris Isles

Or the 'Heath' below...

Heath tweed jacket

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