Cycling Clothes For Women? Try Road Rags

Making Clothes For Female Cyclists

Here at Road Rags we love cycling.

Show us a brilliant bike and an open road and we will help provide the pedal power.


But it was not just our shared love of cycling that brought the Road Rags team together.

We wondered how you can enjoy the ride when your clothes are uncomfortable, badly-fitted, or made of materials that make you sweaty. Who wants to arrive anywhere feeling like that?

In addition, we noticed the lack of choice in clothing for female cyclists - looking around at the lycra garments on offer, we knew we could do something better.

Making clothing for cyclists, especially unique items for women, became a challenge we just couldn't refuse. 723,000 more women have taken up cycling in the last 4 years and are going to need something stylish to cycle in.

"The ladies 'Holborn' merino tights have a built-in overskirt which I've not seen anywhere else before and is very flattering."

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The Detail That Goes Into Our Clothing For Women

Needing to make this change, the team here at Road Rags set out to make a difference to the clothing available for women.

We knew we wanted the details to be just right, to make the item a pleasure to wear and ride in. So we got stuck in, refining what we knew we wanted from the clothes we cycle in....

  • It must be breathable - high quality merino wool offers natural benefits. Merino wool wicks away moisture from the skin and regulates your body temperature. The ultimate fibre for active wear.
  • It must be a pleasure to wear - have you ever felt one of our tops? We can rant and rave here about how great it feels, but it is only when you have it in your hand, or place it next to a nylon fabric, that you realise the difference in quality. When you invest in the best materials, you see and feel the difference.
  • It must be comfortable for the rider - our clothing comes in a seamless form, adding comfort and a sense of indulgence to the garment. We have also styled our garments to suit you - the Smithfield has a dropped tail so that your back is covered when you are head down and cycling fast. We think you will appreciate how the clothing recedes into the background, does its job well, so you can enjoy just enjoy the ride.
  • It must be something you can wear at work - because who wants to be sweaty in the office?
  • It must be something anyone who enjoys being active can use - horse riding, yoga, sailing, skiing, golf - our clothes can be used solo or layered, to make sure you have the right combination for the activity you are doing and the adrenaline rush you seek.
  • It must be made in the UK - we wanted top quality British manufacturing and short delivery miles. As we said, Road Rags clothing is all about the details.

A Best Seller - The 'Holborn' For Women Cyclists

One item of clothing we have designed and made here in the UK, that we are incredibly proud of, is the Holborn.

Holborn for women

Superfine merino wool, these leggings have an integral skirt - which make it functional as well as stylish.

Time to leave the lycra at home?

"It is hard to review these leggings without sounding like a lovelorn teenager... but they are the most comfortable, durable, adaptable bit of kit I have ever invested in."

You can read more about what people think of our clothes for women cyclists, or you can take a closer look at the items we have made especially for you.

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